In English

My name is Nicolette MariƩ. I am an author and artist.

Sadly, I live and work in a damaged property in a small village in Dutch gas quake zone Groningen. (My family and I want to move, but the housing market has collapsed. Stay tuned to find out why.)

Together with a growing number of people I try and find as many ways as possible to tell the story of Shell and Exxon wrecking the province of Groningen – and the Dutch government allowing them to do so.


Here are some excellent animations by Kor Dwarshuis. I helped with some of the English translations:

Induced (gas drilling) quakes Groningen Gas Field


Here is a summary I drafted, based upon information I gathered from various experts (May 2015):

How A Nations Gas Wealth Turns Into A Nations Crime Scene


Here is a translation of the letter I sent Ben van Beurden, CEO of Shell, after confronting him in The Hague, at the AGM on May 19th, 2015, with the fact that his company is destroying the region where I live and endangering the lives of thousands of people:

Letter to Ben van Beurden, CEO Shell, about Groningen Gas Quakes


And here is a translation of a an article and several reader comments on Dutch news blog Sargasso. The article was written by Stephan Okhuijsen:

Negligent provision of information about earthquakes in Groningen?